Additionally, we will discuss running Check Disk (chkdsk.exe) from the Command Prompt and how to run even if you cannot boot into Windows. But the most common symptom must be the dreaded blue-screen-of-death . Although it can be caused by many other factors, hard drive corruption is the most common cause.

It’s a good idea to check both if you want chkdsk to try and repair the problems when they are found. Check Disk is a tool used to verify file system integrity and is also used to locate bad sectors on hard drives. It also helps in recovering corrupted data whenever a system failure occurs that involves data integrity (i.e. power failure). There’s also an option to check if the selected drive is marked as dirty. Multiple drives can be selected at once with drag or Shift/Ctrl+click.

For example, the default install directory is%programfiles%\Citrix (%programfiles%\Citrixon 64-bit systems). Not all services the are installed with the operating system are first party.

Solution 1: Repairing Windows 10

This method possibly applies to those who manually installed a bad key. System Refresh actually resets your system default settings, if it is not working smoothly or has some issues. It also allows you to choose either you want to keep your personal files or remove everything.

Other factors are not clear at this point in time. It is unclear if all devices running Windows 10 version 20H2 are affected or if a subset of devices that match certain characteristics are. It has been confirmed that a fresh Windows 10 20H2 installation is not affected. The command would find numerous errors in a file called “9” and an error in the BITMAP attribute of the Master File Table according to the report. You will be redirected to choose an option screen.

What Exactly Is The Windows

Therefore, one must always backup their registry before making any modifications. Apart from inaccurate manual changes, a malicious application or virus and any sudden shutdown or system crash can also corrupt the registry. An extremely corrupt registry will prevent your computer from booting on altogether and if the corruption isn’t severe, you may encounter the blue screen error every now and then.

4) Select Change settings that are currently unavailable option appearing on the page. Once the CorsairVBusDriver.sys driver is removed, you should be able to reboot without receiving the crash. Once you log into Windows 10, you should uninstall the KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR windows 10 Corsair Utility software.

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